About Us

Soundball is Tennis for the Blind.

In 2011, Kenneth met Sook Zhen who had returned from a student exchange program in Japan. Sook Zhen saw people playing Blind Tennis in Japan. Soundball Singapore started with one player at an outdoor shelter at the SAVH campus. The ground was uneven and it wasn’t good because our players depended on the ball bouncing predictably. It had a zinc roof and when it rained, our players couldn’t hear the balls bounce.  We were very fortunate when Pathlight allowed us to use their premises.

Kenneth and Sook Zhen observed the impact Soundball had on the players – and noticed how the sport improved not only the well being and fitness but more importantly, the self esteem and confidence of every player. Soundball was more than just a sport – it had created a social avenue where both the abled and the disabled interact.

Soundball continued to get a growing number of players (from 5 to 85 years old) as well as coaches and volunteers who come each week. Some of volunteers are professional tennis coaches and ex-national tennis players who come by to teach. The player’s skills have improved a lot since they first started, and they’re consistently getting better. And we continue to learn how to teach the game better, as we develop new drills and methods of coaching.